We’re super blessed to be able to be back open safely for our customers and staff.  The main word in that last sentence is SAFELY! We’re obviously stoked to be back open but only if we can continue to do business is if our customers and staff follow all the proper safety precautions. That’s where our newest tee, the “Guidelines Tee” is meant to help remind our customers and staff, whether In store or not, to follow the proper social distancing and health procedures so we all stay as safe and healthy as possible during all this! 
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This past weekend we opened the doors to our new and improved Vintage Store in Los Angeles!  We are located right next door to our main Hollywood location. (@roundtwohollywood) It feels so good to finally have the shops right next to each other! For those of you that are not locals to Los Angeles we are going to continue our weekly vintage drops online! Many many more drops to come!! 
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We are very proud to introduce our first Kendama and we are so happy to have been able to collaborate with our friends over at Sol Kendamas!


 Sol was founded in 2014 by the Covington brothers here in The USA! They offer beautiful Kendamas constructed with quality materials from traditional Maple to Bamboo. Our Kendama features a white 70/30 split with exposed ash grain on the bottom, along with two 5mm red/blue stripes at the halfsplit line. Printed around the bevel are the locations of our five physical locations (VA, LA, CHI, NYC, MIA) The top of the tama features the Round Two toon squad logo for optimal tracking. The ken is a maple Sol Shape 1UP with our drilled basecup hole, and features both the Sol and Round Two logo heat stamps. Each kendama comes with a cloth drawstring collab bag and a four color string pack to customize your dama.*


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This week we are releasing items I am personally very excited to debut! (I’m excited about everything we drop, don’t get it twisted)
This week we are dropping the Round Two Run Club Tee!  We are doing both NYC and LA for now, however, we will expand our offerings in the coming months! I love the designs on these shirts and am super excited not only to wear them but to see people wearing and running in them! 
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The designer’s aim was to bring color to the roads and he achieves this with his version of the Vespa Primavera by teaming bold color contrasts with the distinctive style synonymous with the Vespa name.


The prints interpret technical designs in a hip, contemporary key, with the Vespa logo sitting alongside the designer’s signature.


“Who’s ready for the craziest Vespa they ever seen?!?”


These are the words Sean used to announce the partnership on his Instagram page and the mix of disparate materials such as metal, plastic, velvet and rubber together with the color explosion redolent of the 80s do nothing to contradict his description, yet the vintage flavor synonymous with Vespa remains intact.



Striking color combinations such as yellow with red or dark green and aquamarine, the seat in light brown ribbed velvet, the red plastic footrest all come together in a glorious celebration of color and style. There’s no lacking refinement, however, with elegant finishing on details such as the white front “tie” and unmistakable steel body. And no work by a true street artist would be complete without his tag, here on the seat and front where it sits happily beside the classic Vespa logo in white.
Sean Wotherspoon is a rising star on the US fashion scene, an unstoppable experimenter and vintage fanatic, with an extraordinary approach to melding fashion and colours.  His calling card? Playing with colours, mixing them together with innovative materials and assorted fabrics, as he did with the Nike Air Max 97 which made him famous.
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Hey Everyone,
First of all, I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who checked out and shopped on Roundtwostore.com this weekend! This site is something that we have been working on for literal months, way before we knew what the Covid Pandemic would soon become.  Many of you remember our original website and will hopefully be very impressed by the newest iteration! It has been an extremely hard year for everyone, and we are hoping that providing the Round Two experience to our family who can’t physically be with us will bring some light into their lives.
We built our site with the intention of being a one stop shop for everything Round Two, housing our clothing, collabs, blog, and YouTube series “The Show” without having to go directly to YouTube. Roundtwostore.com has been built to echo the same passion of each of our locations. We hope you feel it!!
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Back in June of 2018 we did our first shoot to start teasing our relaunch of our in house Round Two Brand. The initial release included A few Tees, Lightweight Jacket, Nylon Baggy Pants, Hats as well as the Clear Panel Jackets and Hiking Pants! Instead of doing studio photos we opted for an outside shoot at Wattles Garden Park in West Hollywood. We set out with an Olympus OM-10 from 1979 with a slight light leek and a 1969 Mamiya C220 Medium Format for those classic 6x6 shots.
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Skateboarding has been a huge part of our lives and it is instilled in our culture and many of the brands we love today. For our second collaborative effort we wanted a meaningful collection that highlighted our love and history of the sport. We decided on a wide collection that includes a Skate Deck, Pair of Denim Jeans, Tees and Heavyweight Hoodies. We are always excited to work with our homies and hope you all enjoy what we both came up with!
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