Chances are if you collect sneakers or vintage, you’ve probably heard of Round Two. We’ve been a staple of the Sneaker & Vintage communities since our inception in 2013. Starting in Richmond, Virginia and expanding into major cities such as LA, New York, Miami and Chicago, Round Two has supplied it’s community with shoes, clothes and most importantly a place to hang out, escape and meet up with like minded individuals. The company has always experimented in creating merchandise, but things have finally been taken to the next level!!

“We are focused on constructing new articles of clothing and other products, while paying homage to the vintage pieces that inspire us. Almost everything Round Two creates takes inspiration from something out of our extensive vintage archive. An archive which will soon be open to young up and coming designers and artists, a way we can try to give back.” -Sean Wotherspoon, Co-Owner A huge aspect for the rebirth of Round Two’s clothing brand, is the inclusion of Extra Small sizes and a general unisex fit. “We are hoping to see more women wearing the gear! The response from women has been great so far. And for anyone uneasy about the idea of unisex clothing, detailed measurements will be provided for each article we make. Something we feel is very important.” - Chris Russow, Co-Owner.

Round Two is working on breaking down the barriers of entry to streetwear and contemporary menswear that so many brands try to put up. Clothing is a form of expression and should be fun; Round Two is doing everything they can to bring that fun back, while making it as accessible as possible for the everyday consumer. “We at Round Two fully believe in the democratization of streetwear and strive to include as many people from as many walks of life as possible.” - Lucas Fracher, Co-Owner