Avalanche Pants "V2" Lookbook

Avalanche Pants "V2" Lookbook

For this lookbook, we wanted to show their versatility as more than a fashion statement so we put them to the test at a local climbing gym. We learned quickly that climbing is NOT EASY! We happily learned that the pants held their own and were comfortable enough to boulder some of the harder sections. The cargo pockets also came in very clutch to hold chalk close by as you continued your accent to the top of each section. We can’t wait to see all these in action!!  

A few months back we released the first two colors of our Version 2 Avalanche Pants in our “Camping Essentials Collection”. When we created these new versions we wanted to stay true to the original but make new updates to make them a new stand alone pant.  We are finally releasing the next two colors as a small drop on Friday October 7th! This new drop is made up of a Navy/Gray Cotton Twill pair as well as a Navy/Tan/Orange Poly Twill pair.

Each pair features a new cuff enclosure that you can cinch up or wear loosely. We did away with the side zippers, as well as the rubber patches. The Cotton Twill pair has a hidden drawstring and the Poly Twill has it visible on the outside of the pants. Another difference between the two can be seen on the Cargo Pockets. The Cotton Twill pants have a button enclosure and the Poly Twill have a zipper pocket that is reminiscent of our V1 Avalanche Pants. 

Lookbook & Photos: B Wade
Models: Matthew Mirasol, Kenneth Tan & Jung Kim 

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