Collection 4 - Surf & Terry Sets

Collection 4 - Surf & Terry Sets


For our latest Round Two collection, we took inspiration from a few favorite vintage pieces out of our extensive private archive. Feeding into the vibe of Malibu and Surf Culture in California during the 70’s and 80’s.




The potato chip imagery and artwork came from our love and nostalgia for the 90’s… we’ve all  eaten a lot of potato chips in our lifetime. Whether it was out on a skate session, or a late night walk to the corner store. We thought it would be fun to transcend an era that we lived in (the 90s), and an era that we didn’t live in (70s/80s) and mix them together in a relevant offering to today’s consumer. When you look at this collection, we hope you’re filled with fun memories and design nostalgia  from decades ago.


Photography: Haile Cano

Lookbook: Brandon Wade

Models: Honey / Jordan Silver / Sean Wotherspoon

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