Collection 5: The Flannel Flannel

Collection 5: The Flannel Flannel

We’re all about having fun here at Round Two and this collection is an excellent representation of that! Months ago, Sean was brainstorming and wanted a “shirt full of shirts” and cooked up The Flannel Flannel! The shirt features 4 different “shirts” and is tied together by our signature logo, The Spiral! If you look closely, the shirt has two different shaped front pockets (rounded and squared). We wanted to add some tees to the mix as well so we created the Spiral Flannel Tee and The T-Rex Flannel Tee! The Spiral Flannel Tee features the same artwork on the Flannel Shirt but a more pronounced spiral on the back and we added some puff print to the logo on the front chest. Our T-Rex Tee is another fun one because you can match with theT-Rex because it is also rocking The Flannel Flannel! We wanted to get as close as we could to some Dinosaurs so drove out to Cabazon, California and found "Dinny" the Apatosaurus and "Mr. Rex" the Tyrannosaurus Rex!





Model: Brian Athey

Look Book: Brandon Wade

Photo: Haile Cano

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