Collection Two

Collection Two

We couldn’t be more excited to show off to the world our most innovative range to date! Collection #2 from Round Two by Round Two was inspired by our brand mantra of sustainability and upcycling. We’ve taken hand repairs and patchwork (something that we love to find in the garments we source, sell, and use for our archives) and applied it to our second collection. 

Drawing from this inspiration we are releasing a Patchwork Crewneck; using a custom blank and hand sewn with nearly two hundred fabric patches, each one takes around 2 hours to produce.  To complete the look we have also made a custom fit pair of washed denim that highlights the patches on our crewneck.  Finally, rounding out the collection we have a lightweight woven button-down, an embroidered long sleeve pocket tee, a canvas/leather keychain and our “Bag Within a Bag”PVC Tote.

Photos: Haile Cano

Lookbook: Brandon Wade

Models: Omoye Justine & Jared Barwell

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