Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day!


If you ask me (Al here), Comic Books are the single most creative form of media in modern day. We all know how the Marvel movies run the box office, but even beyond that some of the most successful shows and movies started as a comic or were created by comic book writers. Free Comic Book Day is a worldwide event where comic books are given away to readers new and old. To find your local comic book shop near, use this link!



 Clowes Rugby “Death Ray” & “Ghost World”

Daniel Clowes is an alternative/indie comic creator who changed the game with his unique outlook on life and memorable characters. The people he writes and draws feel like they could be your neighbor, or classmate. His books teeter on the edge of reality and fantasy in a way only he could pull off. These rugby colorways were inspired by some of my favorite works of his, “The Death Ray” & “Ghost World” (which was made into a feature film starring Scarlett Johannson, Steve Buscemi and many more).










King Kirby T-Shirt

Jack Kirby is referred to as the “King of Comics” and has undoubtedly created some of the most iconic characters in comic book history. This t-shirt graphic was inspired by a guide he made to help you create your own comics, teaching the reader about storytelling, drawing, layouts and panel composition. We’ve provided a downloadable pdf with each page layout available for printing. If you’ve ever liked to draw or been intrigued by comics this is your chance to start making your own!



Photography: Haile Cano

Model: Dakui Coleman

Words: Al Vanecek 

Lookbook: Brandon Wade

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