“We are focused on constructing new articles of clothing and other products, while paying homage to the vintage pieces that inspire us. Almost everything Round Two creates takes inspiration from something out of our extensive vintage archive. An archive which will soon be open to young up and coming designers and artists, a way we can try to give back.” says Sean Wotherspoon, Co-Owner of Round Two.


Their first collection “Idyllwild” began with the redesign of the iconic Avalanche pants, everything else in the collection was built around that piece. “Creating a collection in this way provided some challenges, but ultimately made the process fun and cohesive. Expect future drops to share this idea of a complete range.” says Alex Vanecek, Marketing/Sales Director & Co-Designer. 


Some other key pieces include an Afterhood, modeled after 1930s & 40s customized crewneck sweatshirts. An original T-Shirt Blank was meticulously crafted and perfected for any of their graphic tees going forward, something owner Sean Wotherspoon took extreme pride in. “Anyone can go buy Gildan’s or AAA’s and make some tees, that’s what we’ve done for the longest. But this is a major step forward into creating something of our own.” A personal favorite of ours is the Primary Color Long Sleeve which features an incredible puff print, something Round Two takes pride in. Another fan favorite is the Double Brim Bucket Hat which comes in two colorways, each with two extra brims! Giving the wearer tons of options for their outfit.


A huge aspect for the rebirth of Round Two’s clothing brand, is the inclusion of Extra Small sizes and a general unisex fit. “We are hoping to see more women wearing the gear! The response from women has been great so far. And for anyone uneasy about the idea of unisex clothing, detailed measurements will be provided for each article we make. Something we feel is very important.” - Chris Russow, Co-Owner.


Round Two is working on breaking down the barriers of entry to streetwear and contemporary menswear that so many brands try to put up. Clothing is a form of expression and should be fun; Round Two is doing everything they can to bring that fun back, while making it as accessible as possible for the everyday consumer.  “We at Round Two fully believe in the democratization of streetwear and strive to include as many people from as many walks of life as possible.” - Lucas Fracher, Co-Owner of Round Two 

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