Any day away from work I try to spend my time as immersed in nature as I can get. Every day is a different adventure but the goal is the same; fresh air and more animals/ plants than people. Growing up on the East Coast we were blessed with a diverse climate that allowed nature to really thrive. Rolling hills, thick forests, and green grass was my playground as a kid. This surrounding helped me develop my love for plants, animals, and outdoors that’s still growing today.
Spending all this time outdoors you start to realize the smallest animals in nature can be the most important. For this collection we pulled inspiration from our love for the outdoors and our appreciation for the little guys that keep our ecosystem working. We made custom dyed, screen printed, and embroidered hoodies, sweatpants and tees featuring some of our favorite bugs. We also made picnic ready blankets, soccer balls, and puzzles to enjoy some phone free fun indoors and out.
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