Koreatown Run Club

Koreatown Run Club

We love connecting and working with people from Virginia, when I first met Mike Pak I would’ve guessed he was an LA local. Come to find out, he grew up only a couple hours away from Richmond, Virginia where Round Two was founded. 

As a Koreatown local, it’s been amazing to see what he does in our community. Whether it’s putting together food drives with his organization Bicycle Meals, or throwing kickass parties at his restaurant Love Hour. Our favorite thing he’s involved with is the Koreatown Run Club, started with his partner Duy Camprimpau. They gather weekly for 3 and 5 mile runs throughout Koreatown and Los Angeles, as well as participating in and partnering with local marathons. If you live in LA check out their instagram @koreatownrunclub to see their schedule and get involved. We couldn’t be happier to work with such great people.

When coming together for this collaboration it only seemed fitting to reference vintage Running and Marathon gear. The design we chose references a 1998 NYC Marathon. The multi colored runners symbolize the variety of races and genders who are part of the Club. We hope you enjoy Koreatown Run Club by round two!


Models: Mike Pak / Duy Camprimpau

Photos/Edits: Haile Cano

Words: Alex Vanecek 

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