Round Two Running Club NY-LA

This week we are releasing items I am personally very excited to debut! (I’m excited about everything we drop, don’t get it twisted)
This week we are dropping the Round Two Run Club Tee!  We are doing both NYC and LA for now, however, we will expand our offerings in the coming months! I love the designs on these shirts and am super excited not only to wear them but to see people wearing and running in them! 
Team New York City
Team Los Angeles
Anyone who follows my personal page on IG knows I have been running regularly since Covid started.
I’ve been using running as a way to meditate and clear my mind during what has been a tumultuous time, as well as a way to get rid of excess energy I had from being pent up in the house all day. I had run previously, starting last year, but really only truly got into it and started enjoying it this year.
Cristian, Manager of our NYC store, and I started the Round Two Run Club in early May as a way to connect with all our friends who also run, convince our friends who don’t run to start and have a little friendly competition between everyone I just mentioned.
We encourage anyone who is currently running, or interested in starting, to post their runs on IG and tag -
@ roundtworunclub
Photos: Haile Cano
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