“Together We Move The World” C'EST BON & ROUND TWO"

“Together We Move The World” C'EST BON & ROUND TWO"

Bringing together vintage with a modern twist we are offering an array of styles, from mesh overlay sweatsuits to 1990s cut shorts, C’est Bon Staple Tactical Pants with a Round Two DNA addition, and a Graphic T-Shirt. 

C’est Bon (It’s Good)

C’est Bon began in Los Angeles in 2018 through the vision of Owner and Creative Director Mamadou Bah. C’est Bon is a contemporary fashion function that embodies the positive energy around society. The brand is a blend of Fashion, Culture, Sports, Art and emulating modern optimism. The internal culture of C’est Bon exudes individuality, elevation and purpose. Mamadou worked at Round Two from 2017-2019, using that space as an opportunity to learn as much as he could. Gaining inspiration to take on his own projects from observing how Sean, Luke, and Chris organized and ran their business, Pushed Dou to further expand his own ideas. This project is a full circle moment for both sides.



“UNIFY” - T-Shirt

“TACTICAL” - Pants 

“MESH OVERLAY” - Sweatsuit

“90s MESH” - Shorts


PHOTOS BY - Ja Tecson

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