Vespa X Sean Wotherspoon


The designer’s aim was to bring color to the roads and he achieves this with his version of the Vespa Primavera by teaming bold color contrasts with the distinctive style synonymous with the Vespa name.


The prints interpret technical designs in a hip, contemporary key, with the Vespa logo sitting alongside the designer’s signature.


“Who’s ready for the craziest Vespa they ever seen?!?”


These are the words Sean used to announce the partnership on his Instagram page and the mix of disparate materials such as metal, plastic, velvet and rubber together with the color explosion redolent of the 80s do nothing to contradict his description, yet the vintage flavor synonymous with Vespa remains intact.



Striking color combinations such as yellow with red or dark green and aquamarine, the seat in light brown ribbed velvet, the red plastic footrest all come together in a glorious celebration of color and style. There’s no lacking refinement, however, with elegant finishing on details such as the white front “tie” and unmistakable steel body. And no work by a true street artist would be complete without his tag, here on the seat and front where it sits happily beside the classic Vespa logo in white.
Sean Wotherspoon is a rising star on the US fashion scene, an unstoppable experimenter and vintage fanatic, with an extraordinary approach to melding fashion and colours.  His calling card? Playing with colours, mixing them together with innovative materials and assorted fabrics, as he did with the Nike Air Max 97 which made him famous.
Sean Wotherspoon X Vespa Primavera 150
SW x Vespa Script Tees
“I honestly couldn’t believe VeSpa wanted to work with me, they rarely choose to collaborate with anyone, especially in my category. I felt this was an opportunity to open a door to VeSpa for a whole new age of designer, line myself. VeSpa has roots that are so deep, it was a little intimidating at first to design something that would withstand the test of style and time, and mesh with the heritage of their product. This has been quite the experience, from learning about the robotics in their factory, to watching the full scale production of my SW VeSpa, I’m mind blown."
SW Peace Logo shown off on the Corduoy Seat
"Of course I had to throw in some corduroy on the seat and helmet, as well as some extra add-on accessories to MAX OUT the VeSpa."
Special Edition SW x Vespa Matching Helmet
"The colors I chose for the SW VeSpa are all colors that have sold best through the years for VeSpa. It’s almost a “What The VeSpa” if you will, haha."
"I hope you find the same happiness through this project as I do. Can’t wait for Round Two"
- Sean Wotherspoon
Photos: Haile Cano
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